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Every blogger dreams to have his blog become very popular. For everything it takes time, and nothing can happen overnight. If you are new in this business, it will take you a lot of hard working and adaptation to achieve your goals. There are many ways to make your technology blog popular, but usually, people decide to use spamming and Reddit to get a bigger popularity.

Methods that will bring you popularity

Have a customized blog design; this is the first thing reader will see when he enters your blog. People love things that are appealing and in some way unique.

Try to be different from the others. When a reader enters your technology blog, the quality of design will determine the quantity of time he will spend going through your blog. If your blog has a poor design, no one will like to spend time on it. There are a lot of great blogs online that can serve you as a pattern or an idea.

Engage your blog in blog communities; this is a very popular idea and many bloggers use it. Here they can check out the latest trends and information. If you are already thinking about this idea, you better chose some of the popular blog communities that have good Google page rank. Having a comment option on your technology blog is important. In that way, you will increase the visibility of the blog and make your blog more interesting. It is very helpful when people can participate in a live conversation and exchange their opinions.

Add tutorials and pillar article to your technology blog. Let’s imagine this situation, if you are writing an article about recent news, then that article will have the expiration time, and it will get old soon. On the other hand, if you write tutorials and how-to articles, they will be on trend all the time.

Techniques to improve the visibility of your technology blog

Find a blog that will accept you as a guest author. Most of the blogs nowadays accept this type of service, and it’s a great idea to promote your blog. If you want to increase the visibility of your blog you need to find a blog that is popular and to write a good article.

Guest blogging is a great way to promote your own business, and you will be given a niche to prove your worth. If you find an appropriate blog, you will ensure yourself an amazing traffic.

Update blog posts daily. Readers are always hungry for information, and they expect from you regular updates on different topics. Since the technology is changing by the day, you won’t lack in topics. The most important thing is to have a unique content that is full of details. Readers appreciate the well-written article. Sometimes you won’t feel like writing, but if blogging is your passion, you will find the time.

Author: Linda Murphy

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