Welocalize, step by step on how to successfully apply

Before I go into teaching you how to successfully apply for a job at welocalize, let's us first find out what exactly welocalize website is
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What is welocalize

Welocalize is a transnational company grounded in Frederick, Maryland, USA that provides language localization services. It has over 600 workers worldwide and 12 services in the US, UK, Germany, Ireland, Japan, and China.

On welocalize website, you can easily search for and apply for any remote job offered by the welocalize company and that's the main reason am writing this post, I will be teaching you how to successfully apply for a desired job on welocalize as far as the job offer is made available.

Without wasting much of your time, let me quickly show you the fast way to apply for a job on welocalize.

Steps to successfully apply for a remote job on welocalize

Below are step by step on how to successfully apply for a job on welocalize website:

1.ondata connection and open your phone's browser. Click on the the search bar at the top of your browser page. Type in "www.welocalize.com" in the search bar and click enter. See below image for better understanding.
An image illustrating first step in welcome

2. When the website opens, kindly ignore all the information on the top page and scroll down to the site's footer (down part of the website). Locate and click on"find open job positions" just as shown below on the image.

An image illustrating second step on welocalize

3. It will load and open the second page where you get to choose the location and work type of your choice, click on the "work type" to choose between categories of work available for apply. I would recommend you click on the"all" category as you may not know where your desired work would come from. See below image for better explanation.

An image illustrating 3rd step on welocalize

4. It will load and open the 3rd page where you will be left with a page with hundreds of thousands of Job offers. Now browse and locate your idea job, click on the apply button as shown on the image below. For those of you who prefer the job where you get to listen to music and transcript it for people, the same method apply to you as well
An image illustrating 4th step on welocalize

5. It will load and open the page where you get to confirm your apply request. Just click on it and move on to the 6th step.

An image illustrating 5th step on welocalize

6. Now this is the last step where you get to submit your resume plus other informations including your application letter. Please take this Last step very serious as it is the step that is going to determine if you will be given the job or not. Apply all your tactics here for better opportunity to get the job as your application letter and your resume are going to be reviewed by experts to know if you qualify for the job or not.
An image illustrating the 6th step on welocalize

* After submitting your application letter and your informations, you will get an on screen message indication that you successfuly applied for the job. now return to homepage or close the tab and hope for a better results as they will notify you via your email address if you meet with their required qualifications. If you qualify, they are going to send you a unique link to download the app start working immediately.
An image illustrating submitting proposal to welocalize

NOTE: you must submit your resume on the application page, submitting your resume on the application page is compulsory if you must apply for any job on their website. Also note that getting the applied job is not guaranteed as your application info will have to qualify to their satisfaction. And you cannot start work unless you qualify and download the app from the link they will send to you.

Bonus tip: another alternative to welocalize is Upwork.com , Upwork is another platform where freelancers and hirers supports one another in the Sense that when a job recruited Post a job update, freelancers has the opportunity to apply and get hired. Upwork is better than welocalize in many aspects that I won't mention here. Check my recent Post for the guide on how to successfully apply for a job at Upwork.com. or better still subscribe to this blog to get notified of my latest posts.

Thanks for reading. Please share the info to more people out there looking for how to successfully apply for a job at welocalize as I have share to you. 


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