What is Google analytics (ga4) the basics of ga4

What is Google analytics?

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Before we venture into the basics of Google analytics, as a smart persons let us first find out what Google analytics is.

What's Google analytics 

 Google Analytics is a web analytics service that provides statistics and introductory logical tools for hunt machine optimization( SEO) and marketing purposes. The service is part of the Google Marketing Platform and is available for free to anyone with a Google account. If you don't understand this definition of Google analytics, you can read below from my own unique definition of Google analytics.👇

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool you can use to track and dissect the performance of your website or app. Through Google Analytics, you can pierce a wide range of data and reports on website business and website caller geste 

 . The platform is available to anyone with a Google account, and there are both paid and free performances. 

 How does google analytics work? 

Google Analytics acquires stoner data from each website caller through the use of runner markers. A JavaScript runner label is fitted into the law of each runner. This label runs in the web cybersurfer of each caller, collecting data and transferring it to one of Google's data collection waiters. Google Analytics can also induce customizable reports to track and fantasize data similar as the number of druggies, brio rates, average session durations, sessions by channel, runner views, thing completions and further. 
 When the dimension law collects data, it packages that information up and sends it to Google Analytics to be reused into reports. When Analytics processes data, it summations and organizes the data grounded on particular criteria like whether a stoner’s device is mobile or desktop, or which cybersurfer they ’re using. 
What are the benefits of using google analytics? 
 You can indeed pierce your reports incontinently without any detention. This point of Google Analytics not only saves your work trouble but also gives you immediate access to the reports. With this, you can soon apply strategies for the better performance of your website. 

Google Analytics can display the business inflow making an entry into our website. We can understand the statistics of our callers entering the website. We can indeed understand the business coming from desktop, mobile or tablet and consequently inflow can be managed effectively. There's a lot of useful information to be drawn from this. We can see the callers response to our wharf runners are as well as assay the brio rates for each runner, allowing us to concentrate on perfecting those runners to increase caller retention and induce further leads. We can also understand what runners are prioritized by the callers while navigating to our point, this can allow us to modify our runners to allow better- bettered navigation while modifying runners that are infrequently being visited. 

Now that we are through with the easy part, let's navigate to the difficult part which is connecting your website on Google analytics.
Most people especially new bloggers or amateur website owners don't how to connect their site to Google analytics which inturn affects their site's performance because you need to keep track of your website activities to know where and when to improve your SEO.
That is why I want you to continue reading to find out how to connect your website on Google analytics.

Connect your website to Google Analytics

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Add your website to Google Analytics.

You need to connect your website to Google Analytics. This is done using a tracking code embedded on our website. Create can set this automatically with the push of a button. Follow the steps below to enable Google Analytics on your website.

If you want to focus on getting information without navigating the maze of the Google Analytics platform, we recommend using the Analytics plugin. Get the right information in your WordPress dashboard and focus on turning that data into actionable steps.

Track website traffic.

Every business needs to track website traffic so that they can better understand what their visitors and customers like most. With this type of data, you can optimize your website to better meet the needs of your audience. One of the most popular and free ways to do this is with Google Analytics 4. You may be promoting and distributing your content and business on several different channels, including: For example social media. Knowing what generates the most traffic is important so you can spend more time and effort on that channel.

Improve your website with Google Analytics
Again, make sure your website works the way you want it to on the platforms your visitors are using. For example, on the sample site shown in Figure C, 54.72% of his visitors access the site from their desktops, and 61.51% use Chrome. On mobile devices, 30.83% of visits are from Apple iPhones. So at least test this page in Chrome on desktop and iPhone.

There is always one thing you can do in this case. That's a question to ask the visitors themselves. By creating a survey and asking a series of questions, you can get a clear picture of what poses the biggest problems to your most important people, your site visitors. 

Now that you have learn what Google analytics (ga4) is, and how to connect your site to Google analytics . Don't you think it's time to know the benefits of Google analytics and why it is a very important tool every website owner need to have. If yes, then read on to find out 👇

Benefits of Google analytics

Conclusion on Google analytics 4
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1.Google analytics is a valuable tool for website owners and marketers.

Google Analytics is one of the top, most powerful tools out there for monitoring and analysing traffic on your website.It gives you an enormous amount of information about who is visiting your site, what they are looking for, and how they are getting to your site. Any business that wants to expand and grow their business on the internet should definitely be using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is the most comprehensive tracking tool available in the market. It gives you detailed data about your website visitors and their actions on your site. For example, how many people landed on your website from that fantastic email campaign you sent out? And what about the effectiveness of your ads?

2.Google analytics offers a wealth of information that can be used to improve your website.

Google Analytics will help in building a successful SEO campaign as it will help you track the performance of your initiatives. You can also measure the traffic against specific keywords, thus you have the opportunity to build your marketing plan around the most benefitial keywords.

Website optimization is hard without knowing what to optimize. With Google Analytics, you can include behavioral data into your design by measuring the success of various elements, and by introducing data into your workflow, you can build more optimized experiences for your users.

3.Google analytics can help you track your website’s performance.

If you’d like to focus on getting information without having to navigate through the labyrinth that is Google Analytics’ platform, I recommend using an analytics plugin. You’ll get the correct information on your WordPress dashboard and can focus on turning such data into actionable steps.

Do you have an e-commerce site or run a website? Are you getting the right kind of traffic or making enough sales? Have you tried Google Analytics—which is a free online service to track data related to visitors activities on your site? Starting with Google Analytics Basics, you can improve you can optimize your website and boost revenue year-over-year.

Once again thanks everyone for taking your time to read my post on GOOGLE ANALYTICS
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