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Are you curious about what is Google Adsense and how does it works including how much you can make with Google Adsense and all that? 

Don't worry, this article covers all you need to know about Google Adsense and how it works

You will be learning the following :

•What is Google adsense

•How does Google Adsense work

•How much can you make with Google Adsense

•Types of Adsense Ads

•Google Adsense payments methods

•pros and cons of Google Adsense

•conclusion  on Google Adsense

Now let's begin with:

What is Google Adsense

Google AdSense is an advertising program that allows you to place ads on your website, blog or YouTube video and get paid when visitors click on them. Ads are generated by companies using Google's AdWords program that feeds blogs and websites using special AdSense code.
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While Adsense publishers takes 68% of the ad cost displayed on their website or blog , Google takes the remaining 32%

For many new bloggers and publishers that wants to monetize their contents, Google adsense is the most reliable and recommended platform to start with which is why it's very popular.

How does Google Adsense work 

How does Google Adsense work?

Now that you have a better understanding of AdSense, let's see how you can use it. The process consists of two steps: create an AdSense account, start showing ads on your website, and pay for clicks on your ads.

How to Create an AdSense Account

Step1 – Creating an Account with Google AdSense 

The first step is to visit Google Adsense website and create an account there. Your AdSense account is linked to the Google Account you use to sign in to Gmail, YouTube, etc.

Step 2 - Add Adsense Ads to Your Site

Before your site is approved to participate in the program, Google must verify that your site complies with AdSense policies. To complete this step, you'll need to add AdSense code to your website to allow Google crawlers to access your website's content.

This is a very important step as your application may not be approved as shown below.

AdSense ads will not appear on your site during this step and until fully approved, but are hidden by default. If your application is approved, your ads will be served and you will be paid for clicks.

Remember this is a one time process. Once approved as an AdSense publisher, he can run AdSense on any website (provided, of course, that it doesn't violate AdSense rules).

Step 3 - Set Up Your Payment details on the website

The next and final step in the sign-up process is to add your payment information. This will allow you to receive payments at the end of the month and will be paid when you exceed the $100 minimum threshold.

Google will verify your mailing address by sending you an envelope with a verification code before receiving any money from Adsense. Therefore, please ensure that the information you provide as your mailing address is correct.

Displaying Ads on Your Website

Once you are approved to participate in the program, the next step is to add his AdSense code to your website. This is the same step as above, but now that your account has been verified, you can choose where you want your ads to appear.

You have two options: let Google decide when and where you want your ads to appear, or choose exactly where you want your ads to appear.

How much can you make with Google Adsense 

I have gotten many dms recently from people who wants to know how much money they can make by using Google Adsense and I must be sincere with you here by saying that there's no specific amount one can make while using Google Adsense.

But nevertheless, there are factors that can determine how much money you are going to make whether you will be gaining higher or lower

So in summary, how much money you can make from Google Adsense depends on the below factors:

•The type of contents you post on your website.

•The type of traffic on your website

•Amount of traffic your website receives on monthly basis.

•The location of the Ads on your website.

•The number of Advertisers in your niche, i.e the number of people who wants to advertise products related to your website niche.

Types of Google Adsense Ad

Google adsense offers a variety of ad type to which you can embedded on your website which includes:

•Text: Text ads use words as ad units (offers) or link units (lists of offers) and come in a variety of sizes. You can customize the colors of boxes, text, and links.

•Image: The image display is a graphical display. They come in different sizes. You can choose ad feed options which combines both text and image ads.

•Rich Media: An interactive ad type that can include HTML, video, and Flash.

•AdSense for Search: Display a Google search box on your website or blog. When a user enters a keyword and hits on the search button, a search result page opens alongside AdSense ads. You have the choice of customizing the color scheme of the search results page to match with your website.

•Videos and Animated images.

Google Adsense payment methods 

There are varieties of ways through which Google Adsense pays you which includes:

•Wire transfer



•Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

•EFT via single Euro payment areas (SEPA)

If your monthly earnings are $100 or more, Google will pay you via direct deposit or confirmation. If you don't make $100 in a month, your earnings roll over to the next month. Each time you reach the $100 threshold, Google will pay you for the next payment period. See your current earnings, which ads are generating the most clicks, and other useful data through your AdSense account.

Pros and cons of Google Adsense 

Just like other ads monetization programs, Google Adsense has its own ups and downs

The pros of Google Adsense

•Participation is free.

•The eligibility requirements are simple. That means you can even monetize your new website or blog.

•There are a variety of advertising options, some of which can be customized to match the look and feel of your site.

•Google will pay you monthly by direct debit once you reach the $100 threshold.

•You can advertise on multiple sites from one AdSense account.

•You have the option to display ads on mobile devices and RSS feeds.

•You need at least 1,000 subscribers and his 4,000 hours of watch time to run AdSense on your videos on YouTube, but you can easily add them to your Blogger and YouTube accounts.

With the above said, let's get over to the disadvantages of Google Adsense

Cons of Google Adsense

•Google can immediately terminate your account. Google isn't very lenient if you break the rules.

•As with all forms of online income, you need traffic to make money.

•A user clicks on her AdSense ad, earns some revenue, but the visitor also leaves the site. This means you lose out on higher-paying affiliate products and opportunities to monetize your own products and services.

•Doesn't always pay you more than other similar Ads programs.

Conclusion on Google Adsense 

Adsense is another great way to make money online for beginners. Easy to use, reliable and better than any other platform. Adsense works by allowing you to create and add ad units of various types and sizes to your website. Google uses complex algorithms to fill this space with ads relevant to your content and audience.

You get the majority of your revenue when someone clicks on an ad that appears on your site. While it's easy to set up and use, there are a few things you can do to increase your sales by optimizing your ad placement and settings.

If you don't have an AdSense account, the first step is to apply and be approved for the program. I also hope that one day I will be featured in a Google Adsense success story.

If you have any other questions about how AdSense works, let us know in the comments.


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